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New and Exciting Things at AHG Lab

We've got a new HQ, new space, new website, and a new newsletter!

AHG Lab has had its share of change these past few months. We have moved to a new headquarters, but still within the vibrant Poblacion, Makati area, in the building that previously housed Draper Startup House Manila. (If you’re familiar with the place, you would know that it’s more accessible as it’s along P. Burgos.)

Aside from moving to a new building, we're also excited to welcome everyone to our building's common area and events place. One of our portfolio ventures, Founders Launchpad, manages the events space of Draper House. Please reach out through the Draper House socials or the FL Team for inquiries and reservations. We're excited to welcome you to our building's new event space!

And as you've probably already seen, AHG Lab’s website has also undergone a major makeover, allowing it to -- shall we say -- “keep pace with the times?” The AHG Lab website now reflects where we are and the way that we've been aiming to continue enriching the startup ecosystem in the Philippines and beyond. It reflects our move from just building ventures to truly using an ecosystems-building approach in our venture studio.

Finally, as AHG Lab evolves to better meet the ever-changing needs of the startup ecosystem, so does our newsletter that we now want to serve as a bridge to everyone. From being just an internal newsletter for our management, staff, and ventures, we are now extending our newsletter to become community-focused. We hope that we could be part of your journey. Subscribe here.


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