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At AHG Lab, we generate venture ideas that positively impact communities and shape the future of the Philippines. With our ventures' solutions, we tackle key problems in various sectors and advance economic and social progress.


We constantly develop, fund, and scale our innovative portfolio startups. In the first year we accompany our startups hands-on to reach their milestones quickly and begin long-term partnerships.


Our diverse portfolio companies show our commitment to develop solutions in different focus areas, from the hospitality and workspace industry to transport and e-commerce. All our ventures are run by driven founders and leaders with a proven track record in their respective fields.


Smart Property & Marketplaces


Many property owners and managers struggle with handling tenant issues, collecting and handling rent, scheduling maintenance and repairs, and other management tasks. Through technology, we enable property owners, managers, and other stakeholders to control and manage their assets efficiently.


Smart Property & Marketplaces


Many communities lack access to places where they can comfortably work on meeting their fitness goals. Our tech-supported fitness facilities provide individuals with the space they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


B2B eCommerce

Shoppable Business

With the growth of online retail comes roadblocks for business owners, such as extra charges, hidden fees, and high rates for business services and transactions. Our cost-effective e-commerce tools and processes empower entrepreneurs so they can focus on growing their business.

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Accommodation Solutions


Individuals and organizations often encounter obstacles in navigating through the current accommodation landscape to find options suitable for their needs, preferences, and budgets. Our accommodation solutions offer guests and tenants a variety of short and medium to long-term options across a variety of price points.


Accommodation Solutions

Draper Startup House

Startups and aspiring entrepreneurs may often find it difficult to find a supportive and nurturing community where they can learn, collaborate, and work toward growing their business. Draper Startup House provides not only a space to work and collaborate but also accommodations for entrepreneurs and casual travelers alike. 


New Workplace Concepts


There is a growing number of workers and entrepreneurs without access to facilities and spaces where they can be productive and build their business. Through our innovative workplace concepts, we meet the needs of the modern workforce and catalyze business growth.


Transporation Tech


It can be a challenge to find dependable private transportation when you need it. Doon's car rental technology provides a trustworthy platform where customers can find the vehicle they need and transact safely and easily with vehicle owners, who can then maximize the value of their assets.




Reliable at-home cleaning, carpentry, and other home maintenance needs are often difficult to come by. Our platform makes it easy for customers to find and book the right home service providers for their everyday needs. Service providers also offer health, wellness, and beauty services.


HR Tech

Talent Hero

Job recruiters and employers can find it difficult to find the right individuals they need to make a winning team. Our platform and HR tools make it easy for businesses to handpick the top talents in the country with just a few clicks. 


Education Ecosystem


Today's students need more than just technology to fulfill their education needs. Our asset-light strategies make student accommodations more convenient and accessible to a growing population of learners.




For those looking to invest in or rent property, it can be a hassle to look for what they need. Real estate professionals can also find it hard to connect to their target market and manage property listings. Our real estate marketplace and app offer a seamless way to list, find, and manage properties, making property buying and selling a breeze.



Drive innovation and sustainable growth with AHG Lab.

At AHG Lab, we are focused on sustainable growth. Investors help drive this growth by providing the opportunities and means for expansion and continued innovation. As we work to develop technologies and processes to solve problems, we also invite investors to join us in shaping the future of the Philippine economy. 

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