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Scale. Thrive.

Our Studio Strategies empower startups at every stage.

At AHG Lab, we believe visionary ideas deserve a clear path to success. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of Studio Strategies designed to empower entrepreneurs at every step of their journey. We understand the unique challenges startups face, and our strategies provide the essential support and resources you need to navigate the landscape.


We don't just build businesses; we cultivate the groundbreakers of tomorrow. By partnering with AHG Lab, you'll gain access to experienced mentors, industry experts, and the capital you need to turn your vision into a thriving reality.

Explore the four strategies and roles we employ, ranging from active operational involvement in building your startup to simply providing funding because we believe in your growth. Our core strength lies in partnering and collaborating to grow businesses, and we want to do this together with you.

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Co-Create & Venture Build Your Vision

Embark on a transformative journey with where we work together as Venture Builders. As institutional co-founders, we work alongside you in a close, collaborative environment. Together, we'll refine your concept, identify market opportunities, and navigate challenges to bring your innovative idea to life.

We accept and evaluate founders from pre-idea to seed stage and see where we could work and grow together. We don't just stop at funding, we roll our sleeves up together with you to build and grow your company -- sometimes, literally from the ground up!

AHG Lab has also launched a number of service organizations and ventures to address your needs from tech development, product management, marketing, branding, finance, back-office, and overall operations.
In the Builder strategy, we foster a true partnership, ensuring your vision remains at the heart of the venture.

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Fuel Your Growth ,

Join Founders Launchpad

AHG Lab co-founded Founders Launchpad with a hardworking team that leads one of the country’s top accelerator programs. The program takes a hands-on approach to ensure that each startup participating receives the type of support they need.

Structured to have cohorts, each batch is guaranteed to receive not only direct funding for their ventures but also tailored support designed for each cohort of startups. This includes well-rounded support, mentorship, and the necessary resources for the selected ventures to propel their businesses—plus a community that will support them along the way.

AHG Lab offers targeted initiatives in the form of guidance, mentorship, and various services through our portfolio of operators and ventures, which the cohort may avail themselves of.

Overall, it is a joint effort to provide expert guidance to accelerate your development, refine your go-to-market strategy, and achieve investor readiness.

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Unlock Your Potential

Through Funding

As an ecosystem enabler, we recognize that capital or funding remains one of the key challenges for the ecosystem’s ventures to progress and grow. AHG Lab continually seeks and invests in high-potential ventures, providing the necessary capital to scale operations and achieve these breakthroughs.


Within this strategy and portfolio, we take a less operational role and focus primarily on providing funding and maximizing potential synergies within our portfolio and our larger network to accelerate your growth.


Our investments deployed range from angel to pre-seed and seed stage startups. When we do not invest, we continue to find ways to support or collaborate where possible.Let us be your partner in growth — in capital and in cooperation — to turn your vision into reality.

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Fund Partner: 

Deploying Capital

for the Ecosystem's Growth

Looking at the bigger picture and aligning with our contemporaries, we truly see the growth potential of the Philippines. Similarly, we also recognize where there is still a gap: capital. This is the reason why we've been working hard to partner with various institutional investors, family offices, and individual startup investors to address this gap.

We have launched specialized funds by partnering with other groups to fuel innovation and empower entrepreneurs, especially in their early-stage startup journey.

Thus far, we have launched several fund projects, which include one that focuses on startups within our accelerator, startups in Southeast Asia targeting expansion to the Middle East (and vice versa), and F&B-focused investments, among others.

Although this is just the beginning, we are still working on more projects in our pipeline. If you're an investor looking to create a fund, deploy capital into funds, or form other capital-related partnerships targeted towards general or specific areas of investment, we are eager to be your partner.



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