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AHG Lab Hosts Taiwan Startup Delegation

On June 24, AHG Lab had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Taiwan, facilitated by QBO and CrossBond, during their visit to the Philippines. This visit marked the second day of their exploration into the local business landscape, offering an exciting opportunity for cross-border collaboration and innovation.

Fostering Cross-Border Collaboration and Innovation

The program aims to bring together five startups from each country, fostering mutual understanding and collaboration. The goal is to explore each other's local business environments, meet key players in their respective ecosystems, and identify areas for potential partnership and expansion between the Philippines and Taiwan. The Taiwan delegation is particularly focused on sectors such as smart cities, eCommerce, entertainment, and emerging technologies, including 5G, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Sharing Insights and Opportunities

During their visit to AHG Lab’s collaboration space, the Taiwanese delegates engaged in discussions about the Philippine startup ecosystem. This exchange of views provided valuable insights into the opportunities within the local market and highlighted potential areas for partnership. AHG Lab emphasized the strengths and growth potential of the Philippine startup scene and explored how both ecosystems can be connected for mutual benefit.

Building Future Partnerships

This visit was a significant step towards building stronger ties between the startup ecosystems of Taiwan and the Philippines. By understanding each other's landscapes and identifying common goals, we can create pathways for collaboration that drive innovation and growth in both regions.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to strengthen our international relationships, AHG Lab remains committed to fostering an environment of collaboration and support for startups. We look forward to more opportunities to connect with global partners and explore new avenues for growth and innovation.

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives and collaborations aimed at empowering entrepreneurs and enriching the startup ecosystem.

In group photo, L-R:

Jaymes Shrimski, Chief of Staff, AHG Lab

Frank Chang, Sales Manager, Zig Inc.

Sean Hong, CEO, Zig Inc.

Szachi Ducusin, Program Manager - Community & Ecosystem, QBO Innovation Hub

Eden Hung, Project Manager, CrossBond

Ye Chia-Hung, Director, ChiaTan Information Co., Ltd

Uniform Lin, CEO, CrossBond

Henry Hang, Co-Founder & CTO, Turing Space. Inc.

Matthew Cruz, Community & Ecosystem Association, QBO Innovation Hub

Rene Cuartero, CEO, AHG Lab

Vanessa Lee, Global Business Development Manager, Startup Terrace

Dora Miao, Business Consultant, ChoozMo


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