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AHG Lab Portfolio Companies Shine at Where Next Club Event

On January 11, the Where Next Club event was a true celebration of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, featuring five promising startups, known as mavericks, vying for distinction. We are thrilled to share that two of our own portfolio companies, DOON and GOGYM, were among the finalists.

DOON is transforming mobility with its fully insured car-sharing platform, offering a new way for Filipinos to find and rent a car. Meanwhile, GOGYM is redefining fitness access through its network of pocket gyms, making it easier for people to maintain their fitness routines.

In addition to our in-house heroes, other remarkable finalists showcased their groundbreaking work. AlliedHealth Academics is upskilling Filipino healthcare professionals with their comprehensive online platform. Mayani is revolutionizing the traditional supply chain by bridging the gap between smallholder farmers and consumers through a tech-driven approach. Parlon is enhancing the beauty services experience in the Philippines, offering a convenient platform for customers to book a range of services.

Each finalist demonstrated an exceptional ability to innovate and drive positive change in their respective sectors. A special congratulations to our friends at Mayani for winning the competition!

"We are very proud of the achievements and strides our portfolio ventures, GOGYM and DOON, have accomplished with their immense growth and progress. Always exciting to see 'where next' they will take their journey. Congratulations to Mayani, and well done to Parlon and AHA! Witnessing Glenfiddich and other stakeholders rally around the local ecosystem’s drive is truly inspiring," said Rene Cuartero, CEO of AHG Lab.

The Where Next Club, initiated by Glenfiddich, champions these maverick businesses, embodying a vision of passion and positive change. The event underscored the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit within the local ecosystem and highlighted the potential for future innovations that can make a significant impact.


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