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Cultivating Innovation in Q1 2024

AHG Lab kicked off 2024 with a dynamic first quarter, actively participating in various events to support the Philippine startup ecosystem. CEO Rene Cuartero and COS Jaymes Shrimski consistently represented AHG Lab, fostering collaboration and sharing valuable insights alongside other industry leaders.

AHG Lab signed a memorandum of understanding with the NDC as its new knowledge partner on Jan. 22, 2024.

Fostering Partnerships and Collaboration

The quarter began with a significant development: AHG Lab signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Development Company (NDC) on January 22nd. This partnership strengthens collaborative efforts to empower local startups and is expected to attract more foreign investors to the Philippine market.

Showcasing the Philippine Startup Ecosystem

AHG Lab played a key role in various events throughout Q1, including:

  • Hosting members of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on February 14th to discuss potential listing opportunities for Philippine startups.

AHG Lab CEO Rene Cuartero and Adviser Mark Kooijman with members of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  • Delivering opening remarks at the First NDC Mixer 2024 Event at the Philippine Innovation Hub on February 19th. Rene Cuartero opened the event, highlighting the collaborative efforts of AHG Lab, NDC, and the Sinigang Valley Association in fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem. 

  • Partnering with The Digital Hotelier (TDH) for its Southeast Asia team launch from February 4th to 9th. A productive visit to Dubai for training and team bonding set the stage for success.

Members of The Digital Hotelier's Southeast Asia team with the Dubai team.

Supporting and Inspiring Founders

AHG Lab actively participated in events focused on supporting founders and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit:

  • Introducing the BUILD Startup Festival at QLITAN 2024 on February 20th. Rene Cuartero encouraged startups to apply for booth space at the festival, offering an avenue to showcase their innovations and forge connections. 

  • Co-hosting delegates from the FIIRE Philippines Conference with Liquid Ventures and La Vie En Rose on February 27th. Liquid Ventures highlighted key operational challenges facing local food entrepreneurs. Their goal is to streamline these gaps, enhance opportunities for F&B talent, and provide investors with diverse entry points into the sector.

  • Discussing the Philippine startup ecosystem at Kickstart Ventures' 127th Raid The Fridge on February 29th. Rene invited the audience to attend the BUILD Startup Festival 2024.

Thought Leadership and Industry Collaboration

Rene Cuartero served as a thought leader at various industry events:

  • The First India-Philippines Tech Summit on March 5th, focusing on igniting partnerships for a shared future in technology.

  • The FoundHer Forum on March 12th, a crucial conversation amplifying the impact of female founders in the investment landscape. Rene participated as a panelist alongside other distinguished industry leaders. 

  • Delivering opening remarks at the BUILD Startup Festival on March 20th, co-organized by Esquire Philippines and the Sinigang Valley Association.

Looking Ahead

AHG Lab's active participation in Q1 events reflects its deep commitment to fostering a vibrant and collaborative Philippine startup ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to support founders, ignite innovation, and contribute to the growth of the Philippine startup landscape in the coming quarters.

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