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Empowering Entrepreneurs.
Enriching Ecosystems.

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AHG Lab: Where Bold Ideas Meet Bold Action

In the heart of AHG Lab thrives an ecosystem animated by the spirit of rebellious entrepreneurship and the joy of disruptive innovation. It's a realm where entrepreneurs don't just connect; they ignite change together. With every venture, we challenge the usual, embrace the unconventional, and redefine the journey from inspiration to realization. Here, success is not just about scaling businesses but about scaling dreams in a community that plays as hard as it works even harder.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Unlock the AHG Lab difference. Explore inspiring founder journeys and venture studio success stories. Discover how our supportive community fuels the entrepreneurial journey.

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Enriching Ecosystems

At AHG Lab, we don't just support founders and startups; we build ventures, service organizations, operational capabilities, and partners for funds to create an ecosystem and support the growth of the ecosystem at large!

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We have a streamlined and targeted approach towards our activities and portfolio, mainly flowing into 4 main focus areas. All these four strategies each have varying levels of involvement and focus so as to ensure that we get involved, support, and build our portfolio where we are most needed. Throughout this, we maintain an ecosystems approach to ensure that ventures in our portfolio holistically grow and scale!


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Co-create your vision, venture build with us. Our Builder strategy remains our core capability. We foster a collaborative environment where we work alongside visionary founders to transform their ideas into thriving businesses. We welcome founders from pre-product to pre-seed stages who are ready to venture build and operate with us.

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Fuel your growth trajectory, join the Founders Launchpad program. AHG Lab co-founded Founders Launchpad with a hardworking team that leads one the country's top accelerator programs. We provide support, mentorship, and the resources needed to propel your startup towards success.

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Unlock your potential through funding. As an ecosystem enabler, we invest in high-potential ventures, providing the necessary capital to scale operations and achieve breakthroughs. Although we have less operational involvement in this portfolio, we evaluate startups and their potential for synergies to accelerate their growth.

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Fund Partner

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Be part of the ecosystem's growth by addressing the remaining funding gaps. We have launched specialized funds and continue to work on others in the pipeline. We do this by partnering with institutions and individuals to fuel innovation and empower entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, as early-stage startup investing still has gaps in support.

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Explore our portfolio of bold, innovative ventures.

Discover how AHG Lab's dynamic startups are shaping industries and driving meaningful change. 

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The AHG Lab Team

We are a diverse and dynamic team of founders who have built and exited ventures, industry veterans in corporate and entrepreneurial endeavors, and disruptors aiming to drive innovation — all actively finding ways to shape the future of entrepreneurship in the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and beyond!



Explore the latest news and insights from AHG Lab and our portfolio, and discover the dynamic startup ecosystem of the Philippines and Southeast Asia!

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