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AHG Lab CEO Rene Cuartero Featured in Esquire Trailblazers List

We’re so excited to share that Rene Cuartero, our Co-Founder and CEO, is featured in the Esquire Trailblazers List 2024! This recognition is all about the power of our community, village, and partners working together. We will continue to contribute to making the Philippine startup ecosystem vibrant and resilient.

Cuartero shared, “As a venture studio, we thrive through the spirit of collaborating internally and externally. At AHG Lab, we recognize that it’s the ecosystem’s collective innovation that has helped maintain and push Manila onto the map of top startup ecosystems globally, signaling growth and resilience ahead. This moment is a celebration for all of us, a testament to what we can achieve together.”

Here’s to building a future where our startups not only thrive but also lead in innovation and impact. This shoutout goes to everyone in the AHG Lab community. Let's keep the inspiration flowing!

This content was originally shared on AHG Lab's LinkedIn page and has been moved here following our website update.


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