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AHG Lab Discusses Startup Growth with NDC and TBDC

Last May 31, AHG Lab engaged in significant discussions about the Philippine startup ecosystem. CEO Rene Cuartero and Chief of Staff Jaymes Shrimski participated at the Philippine Innovation Hub, discussing key opportunities and challenges alongside Guillermo Ginesta of Brinc and Jerahmeel Chen from the National Development Company (NDC), where both AHG Lab and Brinc serve as knowledge partners.

Later, Rene and Jaymes met with Arvind Arryan, Head of Strategy & Business Development for India & UAE at the Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC), to explore the current state and potential of the country’s startup landscape.

Follow us for more updates on how AHG Lab is contributing to the startup ecosystem.

This content was originally shared on AHG Lab's LinkedIn page and has been moved here following our website update.


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