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AHG Lab Joins Vision to Venture 02 as a Community Partner

AHG Lab was delighted to join The Independent Investor's Vision to Venture 02 on April 3 at the Meridian Innovation Center in Pasay City. As a community partner, AHG Lab played a pivotal role in supporting an event that stands as a cornerstone for innovation and collaboration within Manila's vibrant entrepreneurial scene.

The event featured a distinguished panel of entrepreneurs, including Paulo Campos of Kaya Founders, Mark Mendoza Ocampo of Auro Chocolate, Pia Ugarte Garcia-Morera of Viajecito Inc., and Jorge Noel Wieneke of Potato Corner and Tokyo Tempura. Moderated by Warren Habaluyas of Paraw Talent Solutions, these industry leaders shared their insights on navigating the challenges of scaling businesses, the importance of teamwork, and their personal paths to success. The discussions were followed by an engaging Q&A session, allowing attendees to delve deeper into the topics.

Vision to Venture 02 was not just an event; it was an inspiring evening dedicated to celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in Manila. The open access panel discussion highlighted the journeys of these industry titans, offering invaluable lessons and motivation for both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans.

AHG Lab’s involvement as a community partner, alongside other notable organizations such as Kaya Founders, Endeavor Philippines, Embiggen, Navegar, Gentree Fund, DayOne Capital Ventures, StartUp Village, National Development Company, Founders Launchpad, and Imaginable Impact, underscores our commitment to fostering a supportive ecosystem for innovation.

Inspired by the discussions and connections made during the event, AHG Lab looks forward to continuing its support for the growth and development of the Philippine startup community. We believe that by sharing success stories and collaborative efforts, we can ignite the flame of innovation and drive forward the future of our community.

Stay tuned for more updates on how AHG Lab is contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and join us in celebrating the power of collaboration and innovation.


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