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AHG Lab Portfolio Spotlight: Collo

Collo property management

Collo empowers property managers and owners to simplify their operations and provide a satisfying experience for their tenants. By Q2 of 2024, Collo has expanded its reach, managing a total of 9,016 beds for 21 clients including MyTown (PULS), Citihub, Aurora Residences, and St. Scholastica's College, utilizing its advanced property management software.

Collo's system addresses the common challenges faced by property managers and owners. Traditional methods often lead to disorganized records, missed payments, and inefficient communication with tenants.

Collo revolutionizes this process by providing a streamlined, technology-driven solution that ensures efficient tracking of tenant payments, secure and accessible record keeping, and seamless communication. This integration results in a more organized, informed, and stress-free management experience.

Enhance your property management efficiency with Collo. Book a demo or reach out for more information at or +63 917 702 8931. To learn more about Collo, visit their website at

This content was originally shared on AHG Lab's LinkedIn page and has been moved here following our website update.


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