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Alyssa Wee of Dormy: Charting New Paths

Alyssa Casandra Wee, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Dormy PH, embodies the spirit of innovation and inclusivity in the startup world. Her journey is a compelling narrative of breaking barriers and embracing challenges with resilience and determination, perfectly aligning with the EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab initiative by AHG Lab.

A Milestone of Recognition and Learning

"Building a startup knows no age and no gender," Alyssa states, reflecting on her significant achievement of being named among the Top 10 Finalists at SheLovesTech 2023 Philippines. Despite her initial reservations due to her youth, the experience became a profound source of inspiration. "I felt intimidated at first... However, I soon came to recognize the wealth of wisdom and support present among my fellow finalists," she shares. 

This journey underscored the importance of solidarity and mentorship among women, highlighting that empowerment has far-reaching effects beyond individual success.

The Driving Force Behind Dormy

Alyssa's venture into the startup realm was sparked by a desire for continuous personal and professional growth. "What keeps me driven is the opportunity to simultaneously improve myself and the industry in which Dormy operates," Alyssa remarks. She emphasizes the exhilaration and fulfillment derived from navigating the startup landscape, particularly the agility to pivot and adapt strategies effectively.

Advocating for Female Leadership

Addressing the role of women in startups, Alyssa highlights the unique contributions they bring: "Women are vital balancing forces in the startup world." She discusses the significance of female perspectives in developing customer-centric solutions, which have been key to Dormy's success. "Being the only female in a team of four founders... my feminine ability to empathize with our customers' needs and experiences enabled us to develop solutions that truly resonated with them."

Alyssa Wee's narrative is a vibrant testament to the potential of young female entrepreneurs to shape the future of business and society. Her experiences and insights offer invaluable lessons on the power of embracing one's unique strengths and the critical need for a supportive ecosystem that fosters female leadership in the startup arena.

Her story, alongside her calls for more inclusive support and recognition of female leadership within the startup ecosystem, echoes the mission of EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab to celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs. Alyssa's journey with Dormy, marked by innovation, resilience, and a commitment to diversity, serves as an inspiring model for future generations of women leaders.

Dormy is a portfolio company of AHG Lab.

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