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Mica Martirez: Driving Change with Rezbin

Mica Martirez, the Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer of Rezbin, epitomizes innovation and resilience within the startup ecosystem, especially in the realm of environmental sustainability. Her journey is a compelling narrative of challenging the status quo and driving societal transformation, embodying the essence of EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab.

A Journey of Innovation and Resilience

Part of the inaugural cohort of Founders Launchpad, with the support of the broader startup ecosystem of AHG Lab, Mica's path showcases the persistence and determination EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab aims to illuminate. She confronted widespread skepticism about the feasibility of waste segregation in the Philippines head-on. "I cannot even count how many times I have been told that Filipinos will never segregate." 

Despite these hurdles, Mica's steadfast dedication has led to significant, positive change. "In the barangays we are currently in, a good 75% of the households clean and segregate their plastic waste... Positive behavioral change has been effected in these Filipinos in less than three months."

Empowering Female Leadership

Highlighting the essential role of female leadership in the startup ecosystem, Mica emphasizes the importance of broad-based support. "Any and all support to encourage female leadership is vital... It is important to be the change whether the vibrant Philippine startup ecosystem is ready or not." She advocates for dismantling male-centric stereotypes and creating more inclusive and welcoming environments for women, which are key to nurturing a supportive atmosphere for female entrepreneurs.

"Disrupting conventional habits and challenging mindsets drive me every day to step out of my comfort zone in pursuit of a larger vision - both for the environment and for society," she adds.

Envisioning a Diverse Future

Mica looks forward to a startup landscape rich in gender diversity, where women are inspired to lead. She calls on incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms to make female representation a priority. "The startup ecosystem needs to increase efforts in gender diversification... When women are at the forefront, it creates a domino effect," Mica says, underscoring the significance of such visibility in empowering women to approach their roles with confidence and ambition.

Mica Martirez's contributions to environmental sustainability and her advocacy for gender equality in the startup ecosystem demonstrate the impact of dedication, innovation, and strategic action. 

Her story not only highlights her achievements but also aligns with EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab's mission, inspiring future generations to surmount obstacles, effect change, and foster a more inclusive, sustainable world.

Learn more about Rezbin here.

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