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Trish Reposo: Leading Weremote with Vision and Purpose

Patricia Reposo, CEO of Weremote, shares her entrepreneurial journey and the vision that drives her company forward as part of AHG Lab's EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab. Trish's story is a testament to the power of determination, innovation, and the significance of building a supportive community for women in the startup ecosystem.

A Quest for Autonomy and Impact

Trish's leap into entrepreneurship was fueled by her desire for independence and the ability to make a direct impact on her clients. "I wanted to create something of my own. I wanted to build a company where I could do the things I wanted to do for my clients that I was not able to do before," she explains. This ambition was born out of her experiences in the corporate world, where she felt her growth was stifled and her ideas needed constant approval.

The Driving Force: Trust and Partnership

The foundation of Weremote's success lies in trust and collaboration. "What keeps me driven is my team, our clients, and our partners. The trust they have so kindly given me is not something I take for granted," Trish says, highlighting the importance of these relationships in her entrepreneurial drive.

Celebrating Milestones

Trish proudly discusses the milestones Weremote has achieved, particularly the growth from one to nine locations in just a few years and the recognition through a TV interview. "The team I’ve built will always be one of my biggest achievements. We are all friends in and out of the office," she shares, underscoring the value of a close-knit team and the significant strides Weremote has made under her leadership.

Support from AHG Lab

"AHG Lab has provided mentorship, networking opportunities, access to resources (financial, technical, or otherwise), and fostering a supportive community," Trish reveals, detailing the integral support AHG Lab offered. This multifaceted assistance has been crucial in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship and fueling Weremote's remarkable growth.

Challenges and Vision for the Future

Facing the startup ecosystem, Trish points out significant hurdles like funding access and gender biases. "Women still face several challenges... Overcoming these challenges requires systemic changes in funding practices, cultural shifts within the tech and startup industries," she emphasizes. Her vision includes a more inclusive environment, advocating for enhanced support networks and policies to foster gender diversity.

Trish Reposo's journey and insights reflect the essence of EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab, highlighting the achievements and challenges of women in entrepreneurship. Her vision for a more supportive and equitable startup landscape echoes AHG Lab's commitment to empowering women founders and leaders, paving the way for a more inclusive and innovative future.

Weremote is the coworking brand of Wrkspace Office Management and Solutions Inc. It is a portfolio company of AHG Lab.

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