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Yza Acuña of Havitat Boutique Hotel: Cultivating Support and Balance

AHG Lab's EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab shines a spotlight on Yza Acuña, General Manager of Havitat Boutique Hotel. Havitat is a brand under GoodNight Hospitality Management and Solutions Inc., an AHG Lab portfolio company.

Yza's transition from corporate real estate to entrepreneurship underscores the evolving landscape for women entrepreneurs and the essential role of supportive communities in this journey.

From Corporate to Startup: A Supported Journey

Reflecting on her shift to entrepreneurship, Yza highlights the pivotal support from AHG Lab: "I spent 7 years in corporate real estate before joining AHG Lab. The transition was significant, but AHG Lab's mentorship, network access, and shared resources have been crucial in guiding GoodNight towards growth and success."

Addressing Challenges with Community Support

Yza identifies the stereotypical roles assigned to women as a primary challenge, emphasizing the importance of a supportive community. "With the increasing number of women entrepreneurs, having a supportive community that shares experiences and knowledge becomes crucial," she says. 

Yza advocates for more platforms where women can share their success stories, offering both encouragement and practical advice for balancing family responsibilities with entrepreneurial ambitions.

Envisioning a More Inclusive Future

The startup ecosystem's male-dominated nature often poses additional hurdles for women founders and leaders. Yza voices her aspirations for change: "I hope to see more representation of women in the startup world, with increased opportunities and access to support and resources to empower them on their startup journey." Her call to action seeks not only to level the playing field but also to ensure women's voices are heard and valued equally.

Through Yza Acuña's experiences and insights, EmpowerHer: Voices of AHG Lab underscores the significance of community, mentorship, and resource sharing in fostering an environment where women can thrive as entrepreneurs. Yza's story is a testament to the strength and resilience of women navigating the startup ecosystem, highlighting the crucial role of support systems like AHG Lab in empowering the next generation of women leaders.

Yza's perspective reinforces the campaign's objectives, advocating for a startup landscape that embraces diversity, supports women's entrepreneurial endeavors, and celebrates the achievements of women founders and leaders across the globe.

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