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Sinigang Valley Association Hosts First Membership Meeting

On July 4, the Sinigang Valley Association (SVA) held its first membership meeting, bringing together a powerhouse team of movers, shakers, founders, investors, enablers, and service providers under one roof. This event marked a significant step forward in strengthening the Philippine startup ecosystem.

Rene Cuartero, CEO and Co-Founder of AHG Lab, presided over this groundbreaking event, setting the stage for consultation and alignment among all members with the shared vision for the association.

A Diverse Gathering

With esteemed partners from the ecosystem, including Kaya Founders, QBO Innovation, Ideaspace Ventures, Kickstart Ventures, and Foxmont Capital Partners, the event was held at Kickstart's offices. This gathering represented a diverse microcosm of the Philippine Startup Community, aimed at engaging membership in meaningful dialogue to better understand:

  • The Current Needs of Founders: Identifying the pressing needs within the ecosystem to provide targeted support and resources.

  • Opportunities for Funders: Exploring areas where funders see potential and how SVA can fill these gaps to foster growth and innovation.

  • Impact through Incubators and Accelerators: Collaborating with incubators and accelerators to amplify impact and drive progress in the second half of the year.

Looking Ahead

This meeting was just the beginning. If you're curious about becoming a member or are simply interested in the startup space, stay tuned. More exciting developments and opportunities for engagement will follow.

Stay connected for updates and be part of this exciting journey with AHG Lab and the Sinigang Valley Association. Together, we are driving the future of the startup ecosystem to new heights.

In group photo, L-R:

Kristine Torres, ​Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra

Margarita Caparas, UPSCALE Innovation Hub

Dave Del Rosario, Ideaspace Ventures-QBO Innovation

Lian Vega, Kindred Health Inc.

Patrick Simeon, Aspire

Mark S. Gorriceta, Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra

Victoria Herrera, Square One Hospitality Concepts Inc.

Paulo Campos, Kaya Founders

Steve Sy, Great Deals E-Commerce Corp.

Carlo Silva, Shoppable Business

Katrina Rausa Chan, Early stage investor and startup ecosystem builder

Jojo Malolos, PayMongo

Anthony Oundjian, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Pia Angeli Bernal, Kickstart Ventures

Ron Baetiong, Podcast Network Asia & Podmachine

Leo Cauntay, Kaya Founders

Raya Buensuceso, Kaya Founders

Juancho Jimenez, CFA, Openspace Ventures

Jaymes Nicholas Shrimski, AHG Lab

Rene Cuartero, AHG Lab

Clara Elizalde, Foxmont Capital Partners

Franco Varona, Foxmont Capital Partners

Bit Santos, Kickstart Ventures


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